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    Westside Story (2003)

    Ya Yu’s aim in life is to punish the evil. He is driven out of school when he admits to stealing money in school when his younger brother, Ya Gui suddenly gets new shoes and a school bag. His brother is so sad over it that he refuses to talk to him from then. He becomes the Westside Street ‘bully’. He worries for his mother who is always in ‘Hello Kitty’ dreamland. To help his younger brother, he handles the responsibility like a father. He is righteous and is with good friends to uphold justice. Ya Yu also studies on his own, referring to Xing Wang or Ai Sen for help.

    When Ya Yu and Yu Li plan to fall in love, they stop upon finding that they might be siblings. He has seen Lan Lan hugging Yu Li’s father and crying when she worries about his illness. He suddenly recalls that Lan Lan tells him that his father’s surname has the Chinese character ‘ten’. Yu Li’s surname is Lan. He is shattered and ignores Yu Li when a glass piece gets into one eye. The doctors tell him that he will be blind. Yu Li uses her DV to tape all Westside scenes. He gets touched and weeps – the glass rolls out automatically! Can you believe this? Yu Li puts it into her glass bottle accessory linked with her necklace.




    Westside Story (2003)